Community Recovery

Use Funding to Innovate Your Community

The pandemic has made community life difficult. Fortunately, there is government & EU funding for recovery projects available.

A user-friendly online tool can revive your community. We can guide you from applying for funds to user training, as a partner on the project.

Situation in the

Pandemic-Affected World

Crisis Evolution

With the pandemic waves, every advanced economy entered the economic recession and as a consequence, a persistent social crisis is expected.

The Recovery

Governments are committed to mitigating the crisis and supporting the recovery, but need bottom-up initiatives of local communities.

The Disconnect

The funding mechanisms have still potential left, especially due to lack of engagement, innovation, project knowledge and effective networking.

Challenges for NGOs

funding opportunities

Funding, covering many areas of local community development, is available at all levels of government.

Project Ideas

Organisations may not have project ideas fitting the funding opportunities and may lack the needed skills, knowledge or partners.

Disconnected Projects

Their projects are small, isolated and lack bigger picture, international connectedness and continuity.

Our Solution

& Share

Sharing practical knowledge among members and collaborating are the most effective ways of developing communities. If people can find and use ideas, practical instructions, documents and discuss, they feel connected and motivated to be involved.

Start now

Digital Platforms

Digital platforms (like Facebook, AirBnB, are powerful tools for their purpose. Now, any type of community can setup a similar tool for its development and growth.  

The organisations that implement a digital knowledge sharing platform establish themselves as the long-term leader in their community, central to all new development projects.  Learn what a digital platform can do below!

We are here to help!

ReBild Works is a complete service for organisations that want to use the funding opportunities that support the innovation of communities. We will help you to prepare the project, the application for the funding and help you lead this response to the challenges of the new normal.  

Capabilities of a Digital Platform


Finding useful and interesting information that inspires community action


Learning about funding opportunities for possible projects that are suitable for your community


Following and communicating with other users around a project or common interests


Sharing practical information or project files for other users to use and optionally getting rewarded


Rating content and sharing links to social media thus attracting new members to the community


Membership programs with premium content available for membership fees


Building Your Platform

Custom Design

The online platform is custom developed by experts in close cooperation with the community leaders

Complete User Enablement

Platform comes to life only if users are properly enabled. We offer workshops and trainings ready for you to customise and run.

Support and Connectedness

You get support from ReBild team and the global user community at all stages of the project, including application for funding .

Example of an NGO
Collaboration 2020

EU Tender

NGO Partners

Project Name

Activities and  Project Split

Culture of Solidarity 2

Arheo Alpe (Slovenia), InEuropa (Italy), Cultural Heritage Preservation Institute Kragujevac (Serbia).

Rebuild Skills Heritage Platform

  • Set up a customised platform for heritage project knowledge exchange – 30%
  • Find & train local heritage related NGOs for the initial use of the platform – 40%
  • Promote broader platform usage – 30%

About Us

We are for many years founders of the company Atol Business Solutions Ltd. 🔗 located in Ljubljana, Slovenia and its platform 🔗, both dedicated to helping innovative european companies grow.

We founded in 2020 during the current crisis when we decided we should share our knowledge and technology with local and other communities around Europe and beyond to help them with their not-for-profit missions.

I am a strategic business professional with experience in customer support, client services, project management, marketing and sales. I love organisation and processes, lending an empathetic ear and problem solving while being proactive and prioritising tasks. Providing structured and dedicated communicative services to clients and internal teams alike.​

After a career in corporations and own international consultancy for scaling of innovative technology companies, Blaž became more active in his local community on the three borders in Kranjska Gora. The idea of was born as a fusion of passions for the local community development, technology and international business.

As a business consultant Matjaž brings new solutions to improve business results on global scale projects in the private and public sectors. Being active in the Slovenian Alpine Association he gets an understanding of how can non-profit organizations improve the life of local societies and influence people towards common goals using actionable knowledge.​

His entrepreneurial path launches him globally in the early stage. That path connected him with the rest of this great team to work on a few successful projects. Strahinja is active in his community, City of Kragujevac. and many others as a leader who is responsible for youth and projects for employability and employment.

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