A City’s Job Platform to Create a Pool of Municipal Workers

The Swedish City of Uppsala has set up a job platform to create a pool of municipal workers. Since it is highly possible that there will be a lack of staff in many areas due a possibly extended outbreak of Covid-19, the city is looking for staff in the areas of social services, elderly care, home care, cleaning, canteens and child care. Anyone who is willing to take up a job to help secure local services is welcome to file an application. The tasks people can take on depend on their experience, education, availability, etc.

A city’s job platform to create a pool of municipal workers
To be prepared for a shortage of employees in its services due to Covid-19 related sick leave, the City of Uppsala set up its own job platform.
Hjälp i coronatider! – Sök lediga jobb – Uppsala kommun
Arbetsplats: Uppsala kommun, Förvaltning: Kommunledningskontoret, Publicerad: 2020-04-03, Sista ansökningsdag: 2020-04-30

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