Change Business Model to Preserve Jobs

We are not self-sufficient in the production of vegetables in Slovenia, the decision of the company mainly on this basis

Slovenia is not self-sufficient in its vegetable production, and Ocean Orchids’ decision is primarily a response to the gap. The overnight fast-moving action to shift the production of orchids to lettuce production kept the company’s production “alive” while employees remained in their jobs.

However, as Roman Ferencak, the director of Ocean Orchids, produces salads using the same technology, in the same way, in the same pots and with a similar substrate as they did in the production of orchids.

The idea of ​​temporary restructuring was also welcomed by Minister Pivchev and together they exchanged a few words about the elimination of bureaucratic obstacles in the future, assistance to this part of the branch due to the loss of revenue during the epidemic and future investments and the consequent absorption of EU money.


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