Co-working spaces maintain rural area population

The project promoters thought that rural co-working spaces could stimulate economic activity and help maintain the population in rural areas where abandonment is a real threat. This offers opportunities for professionals who want to work in a collaborative space without the need to move away from a rural environment.

Following a pilot project to set up co-working spaces in rural areas, ten Catalonian LAGs launched a continuation inter-territorial co-operation project to create and expand a network of co-working spaces and further promote this new way of working in rural areas.

Project results:
  • 14 co-working spaces have been created from 2014 to 2016.
  • More than 130 professionals are linked to co-working spaces.
  • Small success stories included examples of families staying in a rural area for a holiday while a parent had to connect to their work via a co-working space.



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