Keeping Seniors in their own homes improves their safety and happiness.

The purpose of this project was to identify and prevent safety risks related to elderly people living at home, through studies, observations and experiences. The aim was to create a comprehensive system that helps to identify, eliminate and prepare for these risks.

This would allow for the creation of a safety and support system that can tackle problematic situations effectively and quickly. This is the second stage of three projects. The first pilot project was used to identify the main risks for the elderly in their homes, and based on these create a home security checklist. As part of this project, the checklist was tested by the local social and emergency services.

Project results

In terms of economic benefits, the costs of living at home are much less than living in supported housing and support services can provide rural jobs. From a lifestyle perspective, many older people feel that staying at home longer will give them a better quality of life.

One focus of the project is on energy. If the system makes the energy/heating more efficient, this will also have a positive effect on the climate through the promotion of more efficient heating technologies and other means for reducing energy consumption.

The project is also about building connections and networks among the target group, including their friends, relatives,  neighbours and health services.

The project achieved community links by bringing together regional social and rescue services and the university, gathering a wide range of different actors that are involved in the activity.



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