Clean Energy from LIGHTINUS making our Streets and Parks Safer.

Zero electricity costs, off-the-grid efficiency and performance reliability generated by the integration of solar and kinetic energy and intelligent technology define LIGHTINUS smart solar street lights. Remote management system with weather predictability features enables proactive control, real-time monitoring and maintenance of each solar energy unit.


LIGHTINUS introduced the first smart solar street light in the region with a successful pilot project with the Municipality of Stari Grad in Belgrade. Powered by the sunlight and managed remotely by cloud-based software, the Lightinus smart street light provides clean energy illumination for pedestrians and children playgrounds near the Sports Hall Centre at the 25th of May recreational venue. Zero electricity cost, energy savings, 365 days of reliable public lighting and decrease in CO2 emissions are among the many benefits that the Lightinus smart solar street light will provide to the Municipality of Stari Grad.

Such improvements over existing street lights will be achieved through the introduction of innovative cloud-based software and wireless communication technology. A dedicated Remote Management System will enable users such as city infrastructure operators to monitor and control each street light unit in real-time via PC, smartphone or tablet.


Weather predictability algorithms incorporated in the software will help users to optimise the solar off-grid system and conserve energy so that bad weather and low energy periods could not affect solar LED light performance. The launch of the Lightinus smart solar street light also marks the beginning of a new Smart City Initiative that will be jointly implemented by the Municipality of Stari Grad, Volta Technology and the business start-up incubator Impact Hub Belgrade.

The goal of this initiative is to jump-start local green energy projects that will solve key public service and infrastructure issues by driving sustainable growth and improving energy efficiency.

“We want to keep pace with the global developments in renewable energy and smart technology in order to provide reliable and efficient public services,” stated Marko Bastać, the President of the Municipality of Stari Grad.

He also added: “This project is just the first step towards implementing technology-driven street lights that are powered by clean energy. The installation of the Lightinus smart solar street light facilitates the way forward to introducing many other novelties across our Municipality that will help us improve the quality of life for citizens and solve public infrastructure problems in terms of energy efficiency, mobility and lighting. The new Smart City Initiative will bring together both public and private sector stakeholders with industry know-how and technical expertise that will improve our sustainability in the future.”


Together with the public utility company “Drugi Oktobar” they installed the first state-of-the-art Smart Solar Bench in the Municipality of Vrsac. Citizens now have the opportunity to enjoy free public services such as access to a Wi-Fi zone, charging of smart devices and LED ambient lighting, all of which are powered by solar energy. We all need a tech-friendly place to relax and interact, right? The Municipality of Vrsac is now on its way to creating sustainable clean energy infrastructure for its citizens.


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